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Check out the shine on this totally iced out micro-pave ring! This stunning piece is the top quality available. The ring's unique shape immediately draws attention, and the gorgeous stones that adorn this ring add sparkle, further enhancing its aesthetic value. Wear this ring with your favorite casual suit or urban attire to exude a confident aura wherever you go. The most amazing thing about this ring is the micropave setting. This way of setting stones is very labor intensive that’s why you usually only see it on real diamond rings. The stones used are very small and they are set very close together. You get to witness a really shine because there is barely any metal between all the VVS Flawless Simulated Diamonds. At this unbeatable price, take your chance to show off your luxury style statement.

[Sterling Silver] ULTIMATE CZ ETERNITY RING - Gold Vermeil

SKU: VRG11320

    METAL .925 Sterling Silver 
    STONE VVS Flawless Simulated Diamonds
    WEIGHT 0.1 lb


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